About Us

We are two friends that have worked together throughout our careers for many years while serving the our surrounding communities with hospitality and humility. Over the years, we became leaders in the workplace and husbands, and fathers in our home lives! While working to support our families, we have discussed many ideas to start a business together. As we thought about this, we wanted to ensure that we were able to do something that our families and communities could benefit from. We also didn't want to hurt our quality of work/life either. So, with that being said, we decided to start renting out inflatables!

We have rented inflatables from many companies in the past. We had to pick them up, set them up, break them down, load them back up and take them back to the places that rented the inflatables. Not to discredit anyone, but the whole process seemed very impersonal. By renting out inflatables ourselves, we can do what we love the most - connect with individuals and families in our communities. From the local homes for birthday parties and celebrations to the local businesses for Church celebrations, grand openings, corporate retreats and much more; we are proud to be a part of the community and want our children to grow up the same way!

So, what makes us different from most companies? The accessibility, hands-free delivery, set up, and break down, and us. You will be able book your inflatable right here on this website! If you have questions, you can call us directly or fill out your information on the contact us form and we will reach back out to you as soon as we are available! We want to guide you thru this process and make it as seamless as possible. After you have booked and paid for your inflatable, we take care of the rest! We will set up, teach you how to operate everything, break down and haul off. We will also be on call to help walk you thru any issues, if any, or to come and help if needed! We look forward to serving you, your family and friends! Let's Bounce!

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